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Academic style

This site offers different topics on learning about academic style and grammar.

Articles: Choosing a/an, the, or nothing?
Making an appropriate choice in articles—that is, a choice that does not violate English grammar rules and delivers the writer’s intended meaning— which can be complicated sometimes.
Blog Mylene Frankfort: Review Alison Online Grammar Course
On Alison you can take free online grammar courses: AngloLink offers a clear introduction to English Grammar, tenses and sentence structures. You will learn examples of Past, Present and Future tenses, the common mistakes made when using these tenses, and their correct usage. You will also learn the word order of a sentence structure and how to turn a sentence into a negative or a question.
Choosing between 'when' and 'if'

This website explains the difference in using 'when', 'whether' and 'if'.

Course: Fundamentals of English Grammar

Free online course to improve your grammar, punctuation, spelling and writing.

Course: Introduction to English Grammar - Tenses and Sentence Structure
This free online English grammar course teaches you about English grammar, tenses and sentence structure, giving you effective communication with other people in the English language.
Diagnostic grammar test
A test on English grammar in three sections that gives you an idea of which level you're on.
English spelling rules
Here you will find the basics of British and American spelling. This guide helps you with some problems in English spelling.
Grammar exercises you can study to reach a higher CEF level.
Grammarly handbook
The Grammarly handbook website gives you information about grammar, punctuation, mechanics, sentence style, and clarity.