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Our skills library is full of useful information. You can search for keywords in the boxes below, and even filter what kind of medium you like while learning. Are you interested in one topic in particular? Visit our guided learnings about teamwork, presenting and writing. You can always check out the upcoming workshops to see if the skill you want to improve is available this quarter.

Academic phrasebank

The Academic Phrasebank is a general resource for academic writers.

Almost everything you wanted to know about making tables and figures

A very detailed and useful webpage on the correct incorporation of data in scientific reports.

Arguing and discussing in academic writing
Information and exercises on how you can present and support your arguments in academic writing.
Blog Mylene Frankfort: Review Alison Online Grammar Course
On Alison you can take free online grammar courses: AngloLink offers a clear introduction to English Grammar, tenses and sentence structures. You will learn examples of Past, Present and Future tenses, the common mistakes made when using these tenses, and their correct usage. You will also learn the word order of a sentence structure and how to turn a sentence into a negative or a question.
Guided Learning: Academic Writing for AT and SET

This topic guide is here to guide you in using TU/e SkillsLab while writing up your research for your AT or SET project.

Guided Learning: Argumentation
In academic writing the word argument is an important part of your task even if it is not explicitly stated in your assignment. In fact, making an argument—expressing a point of view on a subject and supporting it with evidence—is often the aim of academic writing.
Guided Learning: Handling questions

Often at the end of the presentation but even during the presentation itself, there is room for questions. How can you deal with them and answer them correctly? This guide teaches you more on this topic.

Guided Learning: Thesis writing
Are you currently writing or about to write your Master’s thesis in English? Then TU/e SkillsLab is there to help you along the way.
Guided peer review - Ask a specific question

On this page you will find the guidance you need to ask peers to review your academic texts by means of specific questions.

Guided peer review - Recognize suitable academic words

If you want your text to be peer reviewed with a focus on the use of academic language, read this guide.