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Our skills library is full of useful information. You can search for keywords in the boxes below, and even filter what kind of medium you like while learning. Are you interested in one topic in particular? Visit our guided learnings about teamwork, presenting and writing. You can always check out the upcoming workshops to see if the skill you want to improve is available this quarter.

10 Common Presentation Mistakes
Everybody makes presentation mistakes and these are the top 10 most common ones.
10 worst body language presentation mistakes
A discussion of the top 10 worst body language mistakes that you need to avoid.
11 Top tips for a successful technical presentation
Technical presentations differ considerably from normal presentations; this article gives you tips on how to give a proper technical presentation.
Animation: Non-Verbal communication

Watch this video and do the exercises to improve your non-verbal skills during presentations

Body language in presentations

A STU handout that explains non-verbal communication, and what to do and what not to do with a focus on making your presentation interactive.

Effective communication
This guide describes key communication skills: listening, non-verbal communication, managing of stress and emotional awareness.
Guided Learning: Active listening

Would you like to improve your listening skills? To prevent misunderstanding, distraction and talking about yourself and instead make more meaningfull connections with others? If so, you’ll find that it can be rather easy with this topic guide, using the tips & tricks that are mentioned.

Guided Learning: Appreance and delivery of presentations

At some point, you will be standing in front of an audience doing a presentation. In order for them to really understand you and remember your story, your non-verbal communication has to match that story. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

Guided Learning: Communication

Do you consider yourself a good communicator? Or is there room for some improvement? Good communication is key to good collaboration. Read this topic guide to learn why.

Hand gestures

A STU presentation that goes into detail on what to do with your hands during a presentation.