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Belbin team roles

Background information on the Belbin team roles.

Belbin team roles specifications
Detailed descriptions are given of the eight team roles of Belbin.
Group roles: maximizing group performance
This guide describes four fundamental roles to consider: leader/facilitator, arbitrator/monitor, notetaker/time keeper, and devil’s advocate.
Guided Learning: Collaboration

Collaboration is more than simply working together. If you want to say that you have mastered the skill of collaboration, you will have to be able to positively influence the team atmosphere and to make teamwork enjoyable for every team member. If you want to further develop or master this skill, please use this topic guide.

Guided Learning: Different roles (Belbin)

Within a team you will always have to work with different types of personalities. It is very useful to know in advance what types of personalities and team roles there are, and which role applies to you or your teammates. If you are not aware yet of the possible roles that exist or what your own natural role normally is, then please read this guide.

MBTI personality test

This self assessment can be used to gain insight into your personality.

Planning and structuring effective meetings
This page explores how good preparation and an effective chairperson may contribute to the success of a meeting by giving a sense of direction or purpose.
Team roles test
This self assessment can be used to gain insight into your role within a team.
This overview provides an exercise on team working skills and teaches you more about the roles people play in meetings.