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Our skills library is full of useful information. You can search for keywords in the boxes below, and even filter what kind of medium you like while learning. Are you interested in one topic in particular? Visit our guided learnings about teamwork, presenting and writing. You can always check out the upcoming workshops to see if the skill you want to improve is available this quarter.

Blog Roeland Kooiman: Get the maximum out of it
Learning experiences when being part of a Federation of Study Associations Eindhoven concerning presentation and teamwork skills.
10 Common Presentation Mistakes
Everybody makes presentation mistakes and these are the top 10 most common ones.
5 Tips for presenting dry technical information
These tips and tricks will give you ideas on how to present technical information that may seem hard for the audience to cope with.
Blog Nienke Rovers: Feedback? Yes, please!
A couple of weeks ago, we received an e-mail from Rob Leijssen (a recently graduated student from BIS) with his findings on TU/e SkillsLab. He told us that even though he really liked SkillsLab and appreciated the initiative, he also missed some important content. Since we value any kind of feedback highly, we asked Rob if he wanted to drink a cup of coffee with us and chat about his e-mail and other suggestions he has for SkillsLab.
Components of effective vocal delivery

A Powerpoint presentation cointaining information on how to speak during a presentation, including some excersises.

English language toolbox

This site provides links to information about speaking a pronunciation as well as exercises.

Guided Learning: Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch has become an essential form of communication, which allows you to present any subject to an audience in a very short amount of time. This guide will give you instructions and directions on how to most effectively create an elevator pitch.

Guided Learning: Presentation Nerves

Everybody recognizes them, the nerves that you get before you have to present. However, not everybody knows how to deal with them or even how to make use of them. If you work through this topic guide, you will become more aware and learn how to reduce your nerves so that it doesn't affect your presentation skills.

Guided Learning: Speaking

Do you have difficulties communicating your ideas to others because of how you speak? Are you wondering how to improve your own speech and maybe learn some English along the way? Start with this topic guide and see how you can improve.

Guided Learning: Use of English - Pronunciation

This guide is meant to be used by non-native English speakers to further improve their spoken English. It contains several tips and tricks and also some exercises. After going through this guide, your English should be improved both in the choice of words and in pronunciation and fluency.