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Our skills library is full of useful information. You can search for keywords in the boxes below, and even filter what kind of medium you like while learning. Are you interested in one topic in particular? Visit our guided learnings about teamwork, presenting and writing. You can always check out the upcoming workshops to see if the skill you want to improve is available this quarter.

Better public speaking and presentation
An article that explains the importance of public speaking and ways to improve your public speaking.
Components of effective vocal delivery

A Powerpoint presentation cointaining information on how to speak during a presentation, including some excersises.

English language toolbox

This site provides links to information about speaking a pronunciation as well as exercises.

Exercises for your voice

Look at these videos on using your voice and try the exercises that are given.

Guided Learning: Speaking

Do you have difficulties communicating your ideas to others because of how you speak? Are you wondering how to improve your own speech and maybe learn some English along the way? Start with this topic guide and see how you can improve.

Guided Learning: Use of English - Pronunciation

This guide is meant to be used by non-native English speakers to further improve their spoken English. It contains several tips and tricks and also some exercises. After going through this guide, your English should be improved both in the choice of words and in pronunciation and fluency.

How to Present with Another Speaker
you are often required to present with two or more presenters. This is more difficult than it seems and this guide offers some tips and tricks to help you.
How to speak so that people want to listen
A TED expert explains the basics of how to talk during a presentation in a very structured way.
The Public Speaker's Top 10 Podcasts of 2014
A summary of the top 10 speaking guides of 2014 for you to look at and get more information from.