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Employability skills

In this chapter, you will find fun and interactive ways to work on your employability skills. It includes:

  • Individual coaching. You can make an appointment with one of our professionals to talk about your career development or get help with a job interview
  • recruiter interviews: In this series, we discover the full application procedure and ask recruiters from big companies what they expect from you.
  • The Career Cookbook. A fun and exciting way to learn how to cook delicious meals and get tips and tricks from our trainers on your career development
  • Practice job interviews. In this series, we ask the questions we get from recruiters to you. You can practice your answers online, simulating the online environment perfectly.

Individual coaching
Recruiter interviews
The Career Cookbook
Practice job interviews
Guided Learning for Sensitivity to the Organization
Every organization has its own culture and strategy. It is useful to be aware of these characteristics of an organization because this so-called organizational awareness is the most important factor in managing proactive change in an organization.