• #1 I didn't receive an invitation to the Broad Diagnostic Test on Professional Skills. Why?

    All first-year master Students within Graduate School receive an invitation to the online assessment environment within the first month of their enrollment.

    If you think you should have received an invitation, but haven't, please check with your faculty student administration whether you are registered as a Graduate School Student. Allow a calendar month for processing in case your enrollment has been delayed.

  • #2 Where can I find the results of the tests that I made?

    If you have finished the Broad Test of Skills (the first part), you will receive an email in your TU/e inbox with your personal report.

    For the other four parts of the Broad Diagnostic Test of Professional Skills you can download the report by clicking on the report button in your assessment overview.

    If you have any other questions about the Broad Diagnostic Test of Professional Skills please contact the Guild Leader Professional Development.

  • #3 Do I have to take all 5 parts of the test?

    It is compulsory to finish the first four parts of the Broad Diagnostic Test of Professional Skills:

    • The Broad Test on Skills, 
    • The In-Depth Test on Teamwork Skills,
    • The In-Depth Test on Presentation Skills and
    • The In-Depth Test on Academic Writing Skills.

    Moreover it is compulsory to write a Personal Skills Development Plan (PSDP) in preperation for the meeting with your mentor. For this you may use the PSDP tool in the assessment environment. This tool helps you to generate a short, advised plan in just half an hour. 

  • #4 When I finish my tests, who can see the results?

    You are the only person that has access to your personal test reports, either via your assessment overview after login in or (for the Broad Test of Skills) via the email in your TU/e inbox. It is up to you to decide who to share it with.

    The SkillsLab team can see if you finished (parts of) your skills assessment. We use this information to see what student groups we have to focus on with our communication. 

  • #5 Why can I only find information about Teamwork, Presentation and Academic Writing Skills?

    Within SkillsLab we currently provide assessments, theory and excercises for Teamwork, Presentation and Academic Writing Skills. These three skills were chosen as they are considered to be basic requirements for a higher education graduate by the labor market to ensure high employability.

    Since we are constantly developing SkillsLab, your suggestions for adding other skills are more than welcome. For the skills that are assessed in the Broad Test on Skills, we are currently developing Guided Learning sections. You can find more information about these skills on the Other Skills page.

    If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback regarding Other Skills, please turn to the Guild Leader for Professional Development, by filling out the contact form.

  • #6 I have a news item / upcoming event that is interesting for SkillsLab, where can I send it to?

    We at SkillsLab love the idea of sharing content with fellow students. If you have activities or content that can enrich our services, please send it in an e-mail to content.skillslab@tue.nl.

  • #7 How can I become a part of the TU/e SkillsLab team?

    If you would like to work in the TU/e SkillsLab team, please turn to the vacancies page and see if there is an opportunity that fits your profile.

  • #8 What browsers can be used for visiting the TU/e SkillsLab environment?

    SkillsLab is supported by Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. It is advisable to use the most recent versions of these browsers.

    On mobile devices we advise you to use Chrome or Safari. Standard browsers are usually altered for mobile use, and can therefore cause problems. We also advise you to use the most recent version of the browser on your mobile devices. 

    If you have problems with your browser, please let us know by filling in the contact form.

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Why SkillsLab?

Several companies that show a special interest in TU/e students have emphasized the importance of professional skills. The TU/e wants to facilitate students to work on the skills that they need to get the job that they want.