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Welcome on the eventregistration page! 

The event registration page contains all upcoming events. Here is what you have to do to attend the workshop of your preference:

1. Select the event you want to attend
2. Fill in your personal information
3. Hit the "Register here!" button

After registration for an event you will be receive a confirmation of your registration and more information by mail. If you unfortunately cannot attend the workshop anymore, you can revoke your registration by replying the confirmation mail. Revoking your registration needs to be done at least 48 hours in advance to the start of the workshop.

RESERVE tickets:
SkillsLab workshops are becoming very popular! As a consequence, all seats at the workshop that you want to attend might be already be fulfilled. But don't worry! As plans change people might decide to deregistrate. Sign up for a RESERVE ticket and be the first one to be contacted in case of a spot opening up! Keep in mind: a RESERVE ticket does not grant you access to the workshop.

See you next event!

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