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Guided Learning Academic Writing Skills

In the overview below you can find various guides that help you to develop certain Acadamic Writing Subskills. These Subskills relate to the outcome of the Self-assessment for Acadamic Writing Skills

Guided Learning for Academic Writing for AT and SET
The Guided Learning for Academic Writing for AT and SET is here to guide you in using TU/e SkillsLab while writing up your research for your AT or SET project.
Guided Learning for Figures and tables
Figures, tables and graphs are often used in scientific reports. Are you unsure about how to incorporate figures and tables in your writing? Read this guide to learn more about this skill.
Guided Learning for Language accuracy
To write effectively and authoritatively, you should strive to use excellent grammar; these documents and websites will guide you in improving your language accuracy.
Guided Learning for Mechanical accuracy
What would your impression be of an official letter from the university full of spelling and punctuation errors? Most people agree that accurate spelling and punctuation are very important.
Guided Learning for Organization and structure at section level
In this guide you can have a look at these documents and websites for advice on organizing and structuring your academic writing.
Guided Learning for Organization at paragraph level
To find out more about what the features of a good paragraph are, spend time looking at these documents and websites.
Guided Learning for Organization at sentence level
If you have had comments from your lecturers that your writing is choppy or you need to improve the flow, here are some documents, exercises, and websites that can help you improve readability at sentence level.
Guided Learning for Writing a Group Research Report
This guide is designed for students who take the course 6EMA05 in Chemical Engineering. It guides you in writing a group research project.
Guided Learning for Thesis writing
Are you currently writing or about to write your Master’s thesis in English? Then TU/e SkillsLab is there to help you along the way.
Guided Learning for Use of academic vocabulary
Are you interested in improving your range of academic vocabulary? Access these documents or websites in TU/e SkillsLab to work on your academic vocabulary and hence improve your academic writing skills.
Guided Learning for Use of source material
Referring to sources in your text and in the reference list acknowledges that part of your work is based on the work and material of others. All academic work is part of a greater body of knowledge. Showing where your work fits into this is an important part of academic practice at university.
Guided Learning for Writing an argumentative essay
This Guided Learning offers you skills for making an acceptable argument and how to enhance it. It will help you to reach an advanced skill level.