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Self-Guided Learning Presentating Skills

In the overview below you can find various guides that help you to develop certain Presentation Subskills. You can go through the self-guided learnings you find most interesting.

Guided Learning for Handling Questions
Often at the end of the presentation but even during the presentation itself, there is room for questions. How can you deal with them and answer them correctly? This guide teaches you more on this topic.
Guided Learning for Nervousness
Everybody knows the nerves that you get if you have to present. However, not everybody knows how to deal with them or even make use of them. This guide helps you handle and use your nerves.
Guided Learning for Non-verbal Communication
At some point, you will be standing in front of an audience doing a presentation. In order for them to really understand you and remember your story, your body language has to match that story.
Guided Learning for Preparation
Proper preparation is necessary to be able to give a good presentation. In this guide you can read some tips and check whether you have prepared sufficiently or see what you can improve.
Guided Learning for Pronunciation and fluency
Do you have difficulties communicating your ideas to others because of how you speak? Are you wondering how to improve your own speech and maybe learn some English along the way? Start with this guide and see how you can improve.
Guided Learning for Target audience
This guide is meant for people who want to further improve their ability to target their audience and how to make them actively participate during their presentation.
Guided Learning for Use of English
This guide is meant to be used by non-native English speakers to further improve their spoken English. It contains several tips and tricks and also some exercises. After going through this guide, your English should be improved both in the choice of words and in pronunciation and fluency.
Guided Learning for Visual aids
Have you ever struggled with deciding which visual to use and how to use it correctly in a presentation? This guide gives you insights concerning that specific topic.
Guided Learning for Elevator Pitches
Elevator pitches are efficient forms of communication, which allow you to present any subject to an audience in a very short amount of time. This guide will give you instructions and directions on how to most effectively create an elevator pitch.
Guided Learning for Making and Presenting a poster
This guide offers you skills for making and presenting a poster. It will help you to reach an advanced skill level.