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Guided Learning for Well-being

Guided Learning for Handling Stress
We can never eliminate stress from our lives, but we can learn to react to it in a positive manner. If you want to know how to unwind from stress, and learn how to control stess, this topic guide may help you to do so.
Guided Learning for Flexibility
Many of us look forward to changes at work, yet when things do change we are often terrified and feel uncomfortable. Change is inevitable and necessary these days in order for organisations to survive. So we must learn to overcome fear and embrace the changes ahead.
Guided Learning for Perseverance
When you are trying to create change in your life or achieve your goals, it probably isn’t easy. Struggles and short-time failure don’t have to drain your motivation. You just need the right mindset to persevere!
Guided Learning for Planning & Organizing
Your brain is a fulltime planner. The trick is to be able to reach your goals in an efficient way, and not get stressed about it. You should be able to create measurable goals, keep the overview of your tasks, and prioritize these tasks. If you want to further develop or master this skill, please use this topic guide.