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We are a student team that is in contact with many professional trainers to supply you with the skills you need, to get the career you want. Click on one of the links below to get started!

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TEGO: The Magical Mansion The Career Cookbook A story from a student employee

The newest version of TEGO is out! In this TU/e escape game online (TEGO), you and your friends or fellow students find a magical mansion on the TU/e campus, but get stuck in the building. Now you need to solve different puzzles to try to escape. Find out more by clicking on the picture.

What is the link between food and your career you might wonder? This unique TU/e Career Cookbook gives you the answer. Download your copy by clicking on one of the images below. Bon appetit.

Mitchel shares his experiences while working in the Career & Skills Team of TU/e SkillsLab and TU/e Career Academy. His journey started 3.5 years ago, so click on the photo to know more about him and his experiences!

Online training

Online training

We are constantly expanding our supply of online content. Our interactive e-course about teamwork is a great example of how learning skills can be fun and quick. Next to the interactive e-course, we are currently also recording workshops. This means that even though you couldn't be present at the event itself, you will still get the opportunity to learn new skills from our website. Finally, we also provide written e-courses with questions and articles which will help you in a wide variety of topics.

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You are probably not aware about the many assumptions you make when you meet someone. In our teamwork workshop you get the chance to understand how words can have a completely different effect on people compared to what you think. When you are aware of this, and you know how to pick up those signals, you can benefit from this in both your professional and personal life.

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In the workshops that address academic writing skills, important facets of writing different sections of your thesis will be discussed. Although each of these different chapters tells their own part of the thesis story, similar writing schemes can be used to successfully write that particular section. Readability strategies can and have to be applied in your entire thesis and will therefore mainly be covered during these workshops.

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We believe that great presenters are not born, they are made. Made by the unavoidable process of hitting the dirt before going sky high. That’s why we provide you with place to try, fail and improve your presentation skills.

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Other workshops

Other workshops

Besides teamwork skills, presentations skills and academic writing skills we also address every other skill you can think of, for example time management, creativity skills and project management. There are also e-courses coming up, so stay updated!

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Throughout the year, we organize events that are connected to developing skills that can improve your professional future. Here you can check out our upcoming events.

How to stay motivated for study and work during Corona?

These short workshops are part of a three-part series about motivation, negative thoughts and resilience, and are a great opportunity to finish Q4 strong! Read more

Digital detox

Switching from your work to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or anything else. In this workshop you will learn the reason why we all do this and how to prevent this drift in attention. Read more

Thesis polish and last fixes

You have worked on your thesis for a year, but small mistakes still remain. We will provide you with tips and tricks on how to find these mistakes fast and efficiently. Read more

Online teamwork

Doing projects as a team is fun and educational, but how can you keep working as a great team online? Find out by joining this workshop. Read more

Cricital Thinking

What is relevant information? A straightforward question, but often difficult and complex to answer. Join this workshop to learn how to think more critically. Read more

Bullet Journaling

Let's get creative AND punctual! In this workshop you will learn what is needed to create your own Bullet Journal or BuJo. Read more

Practice powerful presenting

Learn how to do your presentation online through a set of exercises and a lot of practice. Read more

How to deal with worrying and negative thoughts?

These short workshops are part of a three-part series about motivation, negative thoughts and resilience, and are a great opportunity to finish Q4 strong! Read more

Thesis presenting and defending

This workshop will prepare you optimally to present and defend your thesis. Learn for example how to answer questions from your examination committee and much more! Read more

How to be more resilient?

These short workshops are part of a three-part series about motivation, negative thoughts and resilience, and are a great opportunity to finish Q4 strong! Read more

SkillsLab team

These are the TU/e Career & Skills Student Team members.
They are responsible for organizing helpful content with professional coaches,
and reaching out to their fellow students to improve their personal and professional development.



Mitchel Haeve

Mitchel is our online Manager, he works to improve social media and the websites

Tom van de Wijngaart

Tom is one of our content members. His creative ideas take care of new workshops each quarter.

Niki Efstratiou

Niki is our branding designer. She takes care of social media and other designs.

Eline Stevens

Eline is part of the content team. Her hard work takes care of new workshops.

Freek Brills

Freek is in our content team. He stays in contact with the professional trainers

Christina Papadaki

Christina is one of our designers. She takes care of social media content.

Koen Vlot

Koen is our designer and takes care of other creative tasks

Lonneke Lardinois

Lonneke is our branding manager. With her previous experience in another board, she knows what we can accomplish as a team.

Sonja Babac

Sonja is responsible for promotion, planning, and website. She makes sure that everyone is aware of how crucial it is to develop soft skills.

Luc Geurts

I love to help people improve their social skills so that they are ready for their future career. 

Fabiënne Lucas

Fabiënne’s personal goal is to help you finding your perfect balance between soft and technical skills! 

Mariana Souza

Mariana works on our social media and website teams.  She is passionate about career development.

Iona Beerlings

Iona takes care of the workshops and the internal team structure

Anna Serysheva

Anna takes care of the data and does other promotional activities