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A story from a student employee

For those who don’t know me, let me introduce myself. My name is Mitchel and I am currently studying applied physics. I will be graduating soon (YEAH!) but that also means I will be leaving the team (AHH…). This is the story of how I saw TU/e Skillslab and TU/e Career Academy evolve until the amazing student team we are today.

I started working for TU/e SkillsLab 3,5 years ago (I know, that’s a long time). I joined a team with many enthusiastic students, which all wanted to share the story of how amazing and fun it can be to work on your skills. I loved their enthusiasm and courage they had while presenting or hosting a workshop. I knew this was the place where I also wanted to develop myself, but also help others develop themselves. I would have never dared to stand in front of a 1000 people giving a presentation during the master introduction, but this job gave me the tools and the stimulation to actually do it. Since that moment, I wanted other people to see how fun it was to challenge yourself besides your study and work on your skills at the same time.

In the first few years, TU/e Skillslab and TU/e Career Academy were two separate student teams. Where TU/e Skillslab focused on skills, TU/e Career Academy focused on the application of these skills towards your career. After two years or so, we started collaborating more and more often. We saw how much our students teams had in common, and this is why we decided to become one student team. We have been a team for 2 and half years now, and I have seen many new student members come and go (of which many are good friends up until this day). But one thing remained the same, the will to help students during their studies and their career.

I think we did some incredible things during the last year. We hosted tens of workshops in a variety of topics for example. Since we went fully online, we created two series to help you prepare for your career. We made 3 escape games, a cookbook and created a whole new brand identity. Our followers on Instagram went up from 0 to 3000 in total and we hosted a big Christmas lottery with all kinds of amazing prizes. I had a part in almost all these projects, and I am very proud of what we achieved in such a small time.

But the time has come. This is my goodbye, my memoire, my appendix of an amazing chapter called TU/e Career Academy and TU/e SkillsLab. I know we will be hiring new students soon and I wish all these new employees a lot of luck. The experiences, variety in projects and of course my fellow students and ESA trainers made this journey amazing. For all students reading this: Do join one of our workshops and do start working on your skills. We are glad to help you become the even better version of yourself. See you guys around and take care!