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Other Skills and Professional Development

Within the TU / e SkillsLab, we currently provide theory and excercises for Teamwork, Presentation and Academic Writing Skills. These three skills were chosen as the labor market considers these to be basic requirements for the employability of a higher education graduate.

At the start of each Master's program students are given a Broad Test of Skills  that assesses 13 competencies and skills (for details see below). These competencies and skills were selected based on the input of the TU / e Company Advisory Board and the profile of higher educated technical personnel. Based on the test results students can decide what skills they need and want to work on. To this purpose, we have developed a Personal Skills Development Plan tool, which can be found in the  Skills assessment environment

The following skills and competences are tested: Creativity, Contact Orientation, Oral Communication, Written Communication, Sensitivity; Reflecting, Flexibility, Initiative, Sensitivity to the Organization, Handling Stress, Guiding your Self-Development, Perseverance, and Planning and Organizing.

Skills Assessments for Graduate students
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