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10 Common Presentation Mistakes
Everybody makes presentation mistakes and these are the top 10 most common ones.
10 do's and don'ts for Technical Presentations
A clear overview of tips explaining what to do or what not to do when you are giving a technical presentation.
10 worst body language presentation mistakes
A discussion of the top 10 worst body language mistakes that you need to avoid.
11 Top tips for a successful technical presentation
Technical presentations differ considerably from normal presentations; this article gives you tips on how to give a proper technical presentation.
12 Most Engaging Presenter Behaviors
In this guide there are tips and tricks on how to re-activate your audience if you think they are getting bored or tired.
3 Simple Steps to Smoother Transitions in Your Speech
When presenting you might have to cover a variety of topics. This guide offers you tips and tricks on how to make smooth transitions between these topics.
5 Tips for powerful audience participation

This article gives tips on how to get your audience to participate.

5 Tips for presenting dry technical information
These tips and tricks will give you ideas on how to present technical information that may seem hard for the audience to cope with.
7 Presentation Tips for the Procrastinator
If you are a procrastinator, but have to give a presentation or are simply rather late preparing, this is the guide for you.
Animation: Non-Verbal communication
Watch this video and do the exercises to improve your non-verbal skills during presentations