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TU/e Education Guide - Student Well-being
The TU/e Education Guide - Student Well-being section has an up-to-date list of resources for a wide range of student well-being topics, such as Covid-19 anxiety, stress, mindfulness, anxiety, Highly Sensitive People, self-image & identity, perfectionism and others.
Take a Break!
In this article, our career coach shares first steps in starting a more mindful practice in your life and studies.
A talk with our career coaches
Our coaches Kim and Aafke have a chat about well-being, how they manage their mental health, and tips for resources within the university.
Book recommendations
There are so many books with different approaches as to how to deal with stress, anxiety, lack of confidence, loss, depression or bad feelings in general. In this link, you can find our top selection of books that were helpful to us.
How to get out of a rut
Have you been feeling stuck lately? Check out this external article about ways you can get out of it.
Guided learning for Handling Stress
We can never eliminate stress from our lives, but we can learn to react to it in a positive manner. If you want to know how to unwind from stress, and learn how to control stess, this topic guide may help you to do so.