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The activities of SkillsLab team are organized and promoted by a group of students with different backgrounds. In this team, four functional groups can be distinguished: general manager, branding, content and external relations. Together with ESA professionals they endeavor to provide events and material of that focusses on TU/e studens. Curious who they are? You can find them and their motivation below. 

NB. We are looking for new team members. If you are interested in this role, please visit the TU/e SkillsLab vacancies page for more information. 

General Manager

Daan Kropman is our General Manager, who keeps the overview of the different SkillsLab teams. Daan's view on developing professional skills is:

Daan Kropman

Daan Kropman

"As a student, you can come up with the most fantastic innovations, products and projects, but if you cannot sell these projects to your customers or teachers, they remain ideas. This also applies to conducting research, writing papers and working in teams. During their study, students tend to mainly focus on finishing their courses and projects, whereas professional skill development is also an important aspect. After finishing your study, you do not just want to find a job, you want to find thé job and employers are not looking for a candidate, but for thé candidate that meets their requirements. By focusing on the development of your professional skills during your study, you will not only benefit on a personal level, but you will also have a head-start at the start of your own career."

Branding Team

The members of the branding team are responsible for the promotion of SkillsLab and its activities. At this moment, the team consists of three members:

Gwen van Doorn

 Gwen van Doorn

"Questions such as “Who am I?”, “What are my strengths and weaknesses?” and “What are my interests?” were always important to me. They help me to make the right choices and develop myself. And I believe personal development is relevant in every stage of your life. So why not start with it now? Professional skills are a great deal of personal development and SkillsLab helps me and hopefully many other students to embrace these skills. "



Maxi Breitinger

"During my studies, I often heard about the importance of developing skills outside your field of study. By adding professional skills to your knowledge, you can greatly increase your opportunities. Being able to communicate ideas or work in a team will probably be very important in most peoples’ future jobs. Once I started working at SkillsLab, I realized that professional skills cannot only help you to create the career you want but also improve the quality of your projects!"





Mitchel Haeve 

"I think you’ve got two types of people. One is called an inventor, he or she invents a process or device. The second kind is called an entrepreneur, he or she sells the invention, and communicates it to the outside world. The TU/e raises a lot of great researchers or inventors, but there are only a few courses to teach you how to be an entrepreneur. These communication skills are essential in most careers and give you an edge over the competition. That is why I started working for Skillslab. I want to make students aware of the fact that they need these skills, and I think Skillslab is the perfect platform to supply them to the students."



Content Team

The Content Team is responsible for the online content on this website as also as the organization of the workshops. Their team has the following members:

 Edda van TeeffelenEdda van Teeffelen

"At the Eindhoven University of Technology you don’t have to worry about your academic skills, the curriculum is well thought through and this year Elsevier even awarded the TU/e for being best university of technology in the Netherlands. But have you ever worried about your professional skills? Unfortunately those aren’t always fully covered by your curriculum, even though professional skills are massively important. Professional skills are complementary to your academic skills, and you will need both of them for a head start in your career. Stop worrying and take action! Join our workshops or explore our online skills library!"asdf

IsabelIsabel Stavenuiter

"From the day I stepped into my primary school, it was emphasized to not only be good in learning, but also stand out in other skills that are not directly related to grades. Ever since, I’ve been motivated to develop myself in all directions. Therefore, I am convinced it is more than relevant as University of Technology to provide professional development trainings as well. It is great to see that everyone has his own talent and that we can learn from each other in groups. In my opinion, the best first step in gaining these skills is in a safe environment, from student to student, at SkillsLab."



Joris Vleeshouwers

Joris Vleeshouwers

"I was one of those students who was mainly focused on passing courses and working on projects. Stressing out the day before the deadline, feeling extremely nervous the minute before my final presentation. Giving presentations and project management are daily business for me, but for a long time I did not take the initiative to boost my professional skills. When I started working for SkillsLab, I realized that improving my professional skills is just another challenge similar to passing a course or a project! I now know that it is always easy to run away, but it is tackling your difficulties that help your further."


External Relations Team

The team members of the External Relations team have close contact with parties that are related to SkillsLab. This team is represented by:

Liselotte van Wissen

"Ever since my second year of studying at the TU/e I’ve been interested in personal development outside of the curriculum. Since then I’ve followed a traineeship at Unipartners and gained organizational an promotional skills at different committees within my study association.  This has made me the go-to person for information about career/professional questions within my group of friends. When I saw there were vacancies of the TU/e SkillsLab teams I didn’t have to think twice and applied. Because I am always looking for new ways and experiences to develop my personal skills. Now within SkillsLab I am also helping others see the essence of, and helping them with, developing their professional skills."

Stephen Abraham Reynolds

Stephen Abraham Reynolds

"I decided to challenge myself and besides the master track Building Physics & Services, I applied at TU/e SkillsLab to develop my Professional Skills. I chose for an engineering study, because I prefer dealing with quantifiable methods. After my bachelor studies, I took on my first full time job and realized that engineers tend to be behind the pack when it comes to their Professional skills. This motivated me to help students reach their full potential through our activities and further develop my own skill set. Effective team members and leaders with an engineering background are in great demand with employers. It is essential for engineers, like yourself and me, to develop these skills (for free) during your student years!"

Sven Thijsen

Sven Thijsen

"Hi, my name is Sven, I am the newest member of Skillslab. When starting at this university, I had the feeling that I was going to learn everything I needed, to be working at a certain company. But over the years I realized that the university can’t teach you everything. I believe the university is focused on teaching you knowledge, but you also need to be well aware of your level of skills, and actively strive to improve them. I found out most of my strengths and weaknesses are not about knowledge, but about skills. I feel like professional skills are very often not visible in your grades, but do play an important role in the rest of your career."

Project Manager

Daphne van DongenDaphne van Dongen

Daphne van Dongen is the project leader for the TU/e SkillsLab and works for the ESA department. She is guiding SkillsLab's development and supports the students of the SkillsLab team. 



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