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TEGO: The Magical Mansion

Welcome to TEGO: the TU/e Escape Game Online! Our escape games are an ideal introduction for when you are working in a project and a great way for team members to connect and to boost the teamwork in the (new) project group. Feel free to sign up with team members of the course you are in at the moment, and you can also participate with friends or fellow students to see who is the best in solving puzzles and to beat other groups. 

In TEGO: The Magical Mansion, you find a secret house on the university terrain, where a lot of strange things occur. When entering, you are trapped and you and your teammates need to solve different puzzles to get to the exit of the magical mansion.

This game has two different versions for you to play. The light version will take around 30-45 minutes and the full version which will take around 45-60 minutes.

Do you want to test your collaboration skills in a fun and challenging way, with a group of 3-6 team members?

Subscribe for one of the versions with the following links and you can play immediately:

Light version:

Full version:

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