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We are hiring! There are new free spots within our ambitious student team. This page informs you about the roles and corresponding tasks that are present within the TU/e SkillsLab. By doing so, we aim to help you to formulate preferences for the various roles. However, do note that you apply for being a team member in general! During the job application process we will, together with you, find the team role that suits you based on your preferences. You can apply until the 3rd of May. 

Within the TU/e SkillsLab we distinguish three interdependent student teams: the Content Team, Branding Team and External Relations Team. All team member roles of the various teams take around 6 hours/week. Below you can find a more in-depth description of the different roles. However, as this might not answer all your questions we invite you to contact us at We are available to tell you more while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Sure about applying already? Check out the application process at the bottom.

Team roles (6 hours/week)

So, TU/e SkillsLab has three teams: the Content Team, Branding Team and External Relations Team. But what do they do? Here you find a summary of their day-to-day activities. 

Branding Team member

Our branding team is our creative brain reaching out to all TU/e master students to make them aware of the importance of professional skills and the activities we organize to support them. What they do on a daily basis:

  • Use SkillsLab social media in a creative manner;
  • Design SkillsLab flyers and banners for promotional activities;
  • Create and organize offline promotions;
  • Schedule and perform SkillsLab introductory information sessions together with the External Relations Team;
  • Promote SkillsLab at events like careerdays and master events.

External Relations Team member

Our external relations team is widely connected within the TU/e network. They are our eyes and ears in a complex web of stakeholders. There daily activities are:

  • Maintain contact with the program directors of all faculties: inform them about why and how to use SkillsLab;
  • Maintain contact with the study associations: gather feedback about their experiences, wishes and needs;
  • Maintain contact with other stakeholders within the university (Alumni Coach Network, ESoE, ESBC, Euflex, Integrand, UniPartners, Kivi, etc);
  • Increase the use, relevance, reach and value of TU/e SkillsLab and its activities by maintaining contact with the parties stated above.
  • Plan introductory information sessions together with the Branding Team;

Content Team member

Our content team is the organizational unit, setting up professional skill workshops and creating relevant online content to stimulate student development. On a daily basis, they are concerned with:

  • Organizing workshops for students regarding academic writing, teamwork, presentation skills and leadership.
  • Developing online content for professional skill development, e.g. online courses

Independent of the team, we ask all team members to be:

  • Pro-active
  • Creative
  • Responsible
  • Team players

Application process

Sure about applying for one of the teams already? Send us your motivation letter, team role preferences and CV via and we will contact you for a job interview. You can apply until the 3rd of May.